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Scarlet Pimpernel Sequels (Books)

Hi Everyone,

I'm so glad I found and joined this community! I've been obsessed with The Scarlet Pimpernel ever since I saw the rather disliked A and E version. I shamelessly enjoyed it so I went and read the book. My Mum found the DVD a few years back and bought it as a family present, and somewhat ironically, seeings as that version is wildly inaccurate to the book, I still shamelessly enjoy it. Old loves die hard and all of that.

Also, Martin Shaw as Chauvelin was one of my first ever childhood actor terrors. He was a terrifying villain because he was so smart but also so conflicted. I really liked that element of the A and E version. Well, to be honest I like all of it. It's not remotely accurate to the books but there's just something about it that I love in an AU fan fic kind of way.

Anyway, I just discovered that the sequel books are free on kindle and I am reading them in published order. I am up to The Elusive Pimpernel. I am just wondering which books in the series are everyone's favourites?

Also, I know that the Chauvelin/Marguerite/Sir Percy triangle was inserted into the films later, but I kind of would love to know how Marguerite met Chauvelin and got involved with him romantically in the context of the 80s and 90s versions. Has anyone written any fan fic of this?

Thank you :)


Hi! I have to say that overall I am more disappointed in the mini series than anything. I enjoyed quite a bit--despite it's inaccuracies. However, I can't forgive them the lack of disguises for Percy (I love Richard E. Grant but I wasn't impressed with him overall) and the horribly fitted costumes on Elizabeth McGovern. It looks like the costume designers completely lost her bosom in a large amount of those dresses. I did like Chauvelin as well as the use of the underground society with the secret parties, and that they tried to give more personality to his gang. The visual aspects that they explore were enjoyable for sure!

Anyway, I'd have to say I love El Dorado, and the Elusive Pimpernel the most. And as to fics, none that I have read are AU or based on any of the film plots. Sorry!
Thanks for your response. It seems the case around the web that El Dorado and The Elusive Pimpernel are general fan favourites. I am really enjoying TEP so far and it is probably going to become a favourite but I also can't wait to read El Dorado as the Dauphin story was my favourite of the A and E version and other film adaptations combine it with TSP book.

I think the reason I enjoy it so much is because I saw it as a young child before I read the books or saw other adaptations so I couldn't get disappointed by what they did or didn't do. It was my only Pimpernel point of reference for a long time. I liked REG as the Pimpernel but I agree about the lack of disguises! I never minded Elizabeth McGovern either- I liked her as an older Marguerite- it makes for an interesting dynamic for me on rewatches. But I really, really like Chauvelin, his men and Robspierre best in that adaptation for sure. I liked that we saw those dynamics and the complex political wheeling and dealing. Robspierre was terrifying and yet vulnerable.

I need to the see the 1930s Pimpernel now :)

Glad you asked that -- I'd like to get some opinions on the sequels myself! :-)
I am enjoying them loads so far if that helps. They are easy and fun to read and it's great to have more Percy/Marguerite. I reccomend them.
Welcome to the community!
Thanks! Glad to be here :)


Eldorado would also have my vote as best sequel, but I'd also recommend "Child of the Revolution."

I've never heard of child of the revolution. I'll look it up. I have heard of Daughter of the Revolution- my brother bought it by mistake thinking it was an actual Pimpernel book. He told me it read like a terrible fan fic so I never read it.
My personal favorites of the sequels are El Dorado and Sir Percy Hits Back.
Is Sir Percy Hits Back the one where he helps Chauvelin's daughter? I suspect i will enjoy that one. I just started El Dorado and it seems great so far!
Yes, that's the one. Fleurette Chauvelin is a daft thing, but it's a good read.
Oh, I've been scouring the internet for fanfic of the REG series! I found the DVD in a charity shop, I shudderinly adored Martin Shaw's Chauvelin, and now having watched the whole series I think I'm in crush with Richard E Grant...
You have no idea how much I scoured. Martin Shaw was amazing in this! I have been in love with Grant ever since I was a kid and first saw this mini series.

Maybe we can both write some fan fic :P
While I enjoyed the acting skills of Robert E. Grant, Elizabeth McGovern and Martin Shaw, I was rather disappointed with all the inacuracies as I'm a huge fan of the books.
Fair enough. I definitely understand that! I saw it before I read the books so it couldn't bother me until later, but now it is so part of my childhood I can't dislike it.
Mostly I see all the adaptations as bigger fan fics, I read the books as a child, loved them. Now I want more, not just the things I read re hashed, I want a bigger splash. The last series was a bit limp, no Chauvelin, Percy needed a worthy foe, he didn't get one there, just a bit of bumbling.

word_never_said was right, the female costumes were dire, the colours were awfully pallid, and rather ill filling, actually looking too big in the bust for most of the women characters. A nice corsets allows for so much more in the way of bosom heaving, grand cleavage and, of course, great release when removed!!!

I couldn't do the wit justice, I'm just not clever enough, but I am doing a regency fic with the central male based on an older sort of Percy (looking remarkably like REG, isn't that strange???)

But all to was REG who made Percy sing, he gave us the wit and sly intelligence that was needed. Love it even now.